Hansel & Gretel


Hansel & Gretel
Director: YIM Phil-Sung
Writer: YIM Phil-Sung
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Language: Korean, English Subtitles and French Subtitles
Release Dates:
Mar 6, 2009
Montreal - AMC Forum
Mar 27, 2009
Toronto - AMC Yonge & Dundas
Apr 15, 2009
Calgary - Galgary Underground Film Festival
Apr 24, 2009
Vancouver - Cinemark Tinseltown
Jun 9, 2009

When Eun-soo crashes his car on a country road, he meets a young girl who leads him to her beautiful house in the middle of the forest, where he is welcomed by her parents and two young siblings, who appear to be the picture of the perfect family. The morning after, when he tries to get back to his car, the forest seems never-ending and inevitably leads back to the house. Soon Eun-soo realizes he’s trapped in the kids’ gloomy fairy-tale alternate reality, a world no other adult has managed to escape alive before him.

Best Film, Orient Express - Fantasporto International Film Festival
Special Prize, Fantasy Competition - Fantasporto International Film Festival
Special Mention - Puchon International Fantastic Film

Festivals Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2008
Vancouver International Film Festival 2008 - Closing Film, Dragons and Tigers (Press booked with director Yim Phil-Sung)
Sitges International Film Festival 2008
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival 2008
London Film Festival 2008
Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival 2009
Fantasporto International Film Festival 2009
Calgary Underground Film Festival 2009

“...now you can add HANSEL & GRETEL to the list of instant classics. This freaky fable manages to outdo even the likes of PAN’S LABYRINTH and THE ORPHANAGE in its presentation of a bold and beautiful, but still downright terrifying, adult nightmare. See it and prepare to be amazed. It is one of the year’s best.”
Calum Waddell, Fangoria

“...likely to become one of the year’s freshest, most memorable horror movies. Stylish, imaginative, and with a third act story twist, this is yet further proof that Korea currently stands as Asia’s premiere film factory. ... this delightfully grim horror is worth seeking out. Just follow the breadcrumb trail of positive reviews.”
Rob Daniel, Sky Movies

“It’s bizarre, deliriously creative and joyously grotesque... Every small detail shines... visually arresting. It one of those films that use every inch of film stock in a creative way, convey the right vibes, and set the whole thing on fire with their power.”
X, Twitchfilm

“A TALE OF TWO SISTERS meets PAN’S LABYRINTH in this dark fairy tale that breaths some fresh air into the South Korean horror industry. HANSEL & GRETEL is one of the most powerful movies I've seen in a long time. It’s pure genius.”
AnthroFred, Slasherpool

“Good acting aside, HANSEL & GRETEL looks good to watch, boasting great set design, creating fantasy-like visuals that go hand in hand with the impressive cinematography.”
Andre Koh, The UrbanWire

“...effective and handsomely produced, HANSEL & GRETEL puts the "grim" in Grimm while placing South Korean director Yim Phil-sung on the shortlist of PAN'S LABYRINTH emulators to trust.”
Rob Nelson, Variety

Cast & Crew

Cheon Jeong-myeong (Eun-Soo)

Les Formidables, The Aggressives

Sim Eun-kyung (Yeong-hee)

My Dad Loves Trouble, Women in the Sun, The Legend

Eun Won-jae (Man-bok)

Our Happy Time, Natural City, Marrying the Mafia

Jin Ji-hee (Jeong-soon)

Princess Ja Myung Go, East of Eden, A Man Who Was Superman

Park Hee-soon (The Deacon)

The Scam, Seven Days, Antarctic Journal

Park Lydia (The Deacon's Wife)

The Show Must Go on, Love Me Not, Lovers

Kim Kyeong-ik (Yeong-sik)

Temptation of Eve - Kiss, The War Of Flower, Antarctic Journal

Yim Phil-Sung (Director)

Antarctic Journal, Baby (short), Brushing (short)

Kim Ji-yong (Cinematographer)

Marine Boy, A Bittersweet Life, Forbiden Quest

Ryu Seong-hee (Production Designer)

Oldboy, A Bittersweet Life, The Host, Memories of murder

Kim Sun-min (Editor)

The Chaser, The Host, Memories of murder

Lee Byeong-woo (Composer)

Tokyo!, The Host, A Tale of two sisters

News & Press

  • HANSEL & GRETEL on DVD from June 9th!

    June 03, 2009

    The South-Korean dark fantasy HANSEL & GRETEL, the 3rd DVD title of the Evokative Collection, will finally reach Canadian lovers of Asian genre films on June 9th. Written and directed by YIM Phil-S... Continue »

  • HANSEL & GRETEL wins two awards at Fantasporto!

    March 01, 2009

    We’ve just learned that the South-Korean dark fantasy HANSEL & GRETEL won two awards at the 29th edition of the Oporto International Film Festival (Fantasporto) which ended today. The film di... Continue »

  • HANSEL & GRETEL in theatres from March 6th!

    February 19, 2009

    Evokative Films is very pleased to announce the theatrical release of the South-Korean dark fantasy HANSEL & GRETEL. The film will be screening from March 6th, for a two-weeks run, at the AMC Forum... Continue »

  • ADRIFT IN TOKYO and HANSEL AND GRETEL at the Toronto Reel Asian Films Festival!

    November 11, 2008

    ADRIFT IN TOKYO will have its Toronto Premiere at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival on Nov. 16th, where it will have the honour of being the fest’s closing film!

    HANSEL AND GRETEL ... Continue »

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